Genetics For Trainees

A course for RACP physician and paediatric trainees.
All the genetics you need for the exam and beyond.

Genetics for Trainees

A targeted genetics course based on the RACP curriculum and past exam topics.

Designed to demystify genetics and help you prepare for the FRACP Written Exam.

Delivered by experienced and engaging lecturers.

Genetics that’s also relevant for the FRACP Clinical Exam and your clinical practice.

Our courses have been running since 2014, and we appreciate all the positive feedback we’ve received over the years which you can read on our feedback page.



Our courses will be online in 2024.

We previously held our courses face-to-face, but in 2020 we adapted to the COVID-19 situation and moved our courses online. We appreciate all the positive feedback we received about the online course format.

To provide you with maximum flexibility, the course lectures will be available for you to watch at your convenience over a ten week period from Saturday 20th July until Sunday 29th September 2024.

We are committed to making genetics understandable and accessible for trainees through engaging lectures, relevant content, comprehensive course notes and targeted practice exams.

Some great genetics lectures and resources are coming your way…

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All the genetics you need for the exam and beyond.


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