Thanks to the >500 trainees who attended our online courses this year.

We have previously held our courses face-to-face, but this year by necessity we adapted to the COVID-19 situation, and held our courses online.

We are committed to making genetics understandable and accessible for trainees, and helping trainees prepare for the exams. 2020 was no exception.

We appreciate all your positive feedback about the online courses.

“I would like to say thanks for such a beautifully organised course and amazing notes being sent out to us. It definitely makes a difference.”

“A very enjoyable and helpful course”

“Thanks for the course – it was excellent!”

“The lectures were terrific”

“I just wanted to say I am blown away by your simple explanations, flawless productions and enjoyable nature of your content.”

“Like all other trainees who found genetics to be a difficult and demoralising topic, your team have made it a pleasure to learn. It is now a strength of mine going into the physician’s written exam. I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

“This is a great course”

Paediatrics 2019: Your Feedback

Thanks to the >200 paediatric trainees who attended our 2019 course. We appreciate your feedback:

“Thank you, the course was great”
“Really learnt alot, very worthwhile”
“Presented in a way that was easy to understand”
“Very engaging lecturers and good practice exam”
“Well paced, clear and informative”
“Hard concepts explained in a logical way”
“Relevant for the exam and clinical practice”
“Clear and concise”
“Excellent, easy to follow, relevant”
“Topics are very well explained”
“Lots of helpful tips for the exam”
“Tackles a challenging topic in an accessible way”
“Focused on key things to remember”
“Good knowledge and skills for the exam”
“All the lecturers were excellent”
“Really helped the syndromes to stick”
“Well structured and good clear explanations”
“Good course, would definitely recommend”

Adult Medicine 2019: Your Feedback

Thanks to the 200+ trainees who attended our 2019 physicians course. We appreciate your feedback:

“Very well organized with excellent course materials”
“Fantastic course, would recommend for BPTs”
“Helpful exam focused teaching”
“Good explanations of difficult concepts”
“Excellent presenters”
“Genetics explained simply”
“Excellent course notes”
“Good summaries at the end”
“Presented in a way I can understand and remember”
“Great notes to take home”
“Liked how key concepts were repeated”
“Perfect length, perfect amount of information”
“Good pace, informative, good explanations”
“Interactive and engaging”
“Good worked example questions”
“Would definitely recommend”
“Presenters were very engaging”
“Comprehensive coverage of examinable material”
“Very good slides with excellent lecturers, thank you”
“Very well organised, great venue”
“Good amount of detail”
“Great focus on exam questions”
“Practice exam was very worthwhile”
“Notes are great”
“Made a challenging topic understandable”

Paediatrics 2018: Your Feedback

Thanks to the 200+ trainees who attended our September paediatrics course. We appreciate your end-of-course feedback:

“An excellent and really helpful course”
“More than you would learn from books”
“Exam focused but clinically relevant”
“Great course, I learnt alot”
“Amazing lecturers, very engaging”
“Excellent breadth and depth of content”
“Comprehensive, clear and succinct”
“Good pace, good notes. Thanks”
“Presenters who know the exam”
“Made it all seem much easier”
“Great breakdown of complex topics”
“Really well run, fantastic speakers”
“Thorough with good study resources”
“Well organised and structured teaching”
“Good amount of information without overloading”
“It made genetics very accessible and easy to understand”
“The practice exam was really good”
“Fantastic lecturers and great notes, thanks!”

Adult Medicine 2018: Your Feedback

Thanks to the >200 trainees who attended our August physicians course. We appreciate your feedback:

“Found the course very useful and worthwhile”
“Excellent notes, fantastic lecturers”
“Exam focused and good level of detail”
“Would definitely recommend to others”
“Great course, for BPT exam and genetics in general”
“Explained well and relevant”
“Clear lectures and lots of example questions”
“Extremely helpful, engaging presenters”
“Made difficult concepts easy”
“Excellent overview, started with the basics and worked up”
“Good pace and structure, helpful practice exam”
“Excellent lecturers – really know how to teach”
“Good coverage from basics to advanced”
“Well organised, presenters were excellent”
“Complex stuff explained well”
“Easy to understand with detailed notes”
“Good revision of basics and was clinically relevant”
“Brilliant course, thanks!”


Paediatrics 2017: Your Feedback

Thanks to the 200 trainees who attended our August paediatric weekend course. We appreciate your end-of-course feedback:

“excellent course, covered all important topics”
“I would definitely recommend to others”
“just the right amount of detail”
“excellent explanations and question examples”
“simplified difficult concepts”
“overall great course”
“useful for both exams and clinical practice”
“great exam tips”
“excellent take-home resources”
“I loved that no prior knowledge was expected!”
“great notes, great lecturers, exam focused”
“fantastic teaching, relevant, excellent content”
“very comprehensive, explained key concepts well”
“course was great, loved the balance of basics and new material”
“practice exam was excellent”
“feel like I really understand it now!”

Adult Medicine 2017: Your Feedback

Thanks to the 200+ trainees who attended our Adult Medicine course last weekend. We appreciate your end-of-course feedback:

“very useful and relevant for the exam”
“easy to follow, interactive, great summary notes”
“key concepts well explained”
“very comprehensive, excellent lecture notes
“covered exam questions well
“right amount of content
“a challenging topic presented clearly”
“clinically relevant and well taught
“basics well explained, very engaging lecturers
“great notes and practice exam
“clarified challenging topics”
“excellent highlights of must know conditions
“nice and concise
“great speakers, excellent course
“explained difficult concepts well”
“made a complex topic seem achievable
“great course.. thanks!”

Paediatrics 2016: Your Feedback

Thanks to the nearly 200 trainees who attended our paediatric weekend course. We appreciate your end of course feedback:

“fantastic course, lecturers were really engaging”
“practice exam was really helpful”
“great course, well structured”
“will be really useful for the exams”
“very clear and succinct”
“the lecturers were all fantastic”
“very well organised and very clear lectures”
“great pictures and animations”
“interactive and informative”
“very helpful and thorough course”
“relevant content and engaging lecturers”
“helpful exam tips and great overview of genetics”
“greatly enhanced my understanding of genetics”
“excellent approach for the written exam and short cases”
“really good format and went at a good pace”
“interesting and relevant topics”
“good exam focus and generally great, thanks”

Adult Medicine 2016: Your Feedback

Thanks to the 200+ trainees who attended our adult medicine course last weekend. We appreciate your end of course feedback:

“comprehensive and fantastic course”
“very well presented, great course”
“course was excellent, high yield”
“clear explanations and good notes”
“great lecturers and great course”
“well presented, well explained, interesting”
“good overview of genetics targeted for exam topics”
“practice exam was great”
“excellent, excellent, excellent!”
“will definitely recommend to colleagues next year”
“great lectures, very relevant, very clearly explained”
“well organised and terrific venue”
“well structured and high value for time”
“very thorough, very relevant”
“excellent overview of genetics for the exam”
“great lecturers, thanks”
“well paced, good reference materials”
“good intro to genetics – covered lots of material”
“very helpful”
“fantastic course, very engaging”
“complex but well presented”
“relevant and covered basics through to clinical”
“good level of detail”
“thorough and easy to follow”