Paediatrics 2021: Your feedback

Thanks to the >200 trainees who completed our Paediatrics course online this year.

We really appreciate your feedback!

Good luck with your exam preparation and revision.


“Thank you for such a wonderful course! Each lecture covered the topics very well, in a clear and succinct manner and very applicable to both exam and real life! You guys really managed to break down some tricky concepts that I have been struggling with, and helped me understand Genetics as a whole much better! I also really appreciated the extended time on the videos, while I did do them earlier in the year, I have just gone again and rewatched for a second/ third time, and it has just made my learning so much better, so thank you.”

“Engaging and exam focused.”

“Clear explanations for topics that typically seem complex or tricky to understand. Targeted at the right level.”

“Easy to understand lecturers who explained concepts clearly and concisely.”

“Excellent coverage of topics. Good tips specifically for the exam (and also real life!). Practice questions/exams really very helpful for consolidating knowledge. Also helpful to have paeds specific lectures and topics”

“Good pre-exam course. Very focussed.”

“Absolutely superb course! Learnt heaps and it was incredibly well presented by everyone. Thank you for offering it online this year and the extended access. It has been amazing and I have really appreciated it. Will be recommending to all future exam candidates!!!”

“Very clear explanations, good synthesis of the important knowledge. Well presented. Very well directed towards the RACP exams.”

“The course was very well organized, the lectures were all very interesting and useful.”

“Loved the mix between excellent presentations and the questions to consolidate knowledge and prompt review.”

“Well presented, easy to follow, good practice questions.”

“Very thorough, lots of examples and practice questions. Very helpful summary slides. Useful to have pictures with examples of dysmorphic features.”

“Excellent online format. Great lecturers and content.”

“An amazing course, really helpful.”

“Excellent lectures, very exam focussed but also helpful clinically. The practice exam was also great.”

“Great lectures, loved the analogies and examples, the practice questions were really helpful.”

“Explained the concepts so I could actually understand them.”

“Thorough but succinct. Engaging lecturers. Material is presented in a way that is useful to study for the written and clinical exams.”

“Lots of great practice questions with explanations.”

“All of the lectures were high quality with minimal redundancy. The lecturers were engaging and clear.”

 “Well structured with excellent presenters.”

 “Taught in a really accessible way, complex concepts were explained really well.”

“A great exam focused lecture series. Succinct and able to complete it without being overwhelmed.”

“Excellent coverage of topics. Good tips specifically for the exam (and also real life!).”

“Very clear and concise and content pitched at the appropriate level.”

“Very comprehensive course that will help in the exam as well as being a better paediatrician.”

“The extended access was VERY generous of the organisers, and really enabled me to cement my learning / rewatch parts I didn’t quite understand later on. I loved all the lecturers’ teaching styles. Out of the many courses I enrolled for during my study year, this was by far the best!”

“Taught in a really accessible way, complex concepts were explained really well, the lecturers were very personable and enjoyable to listen to. I actually really enjoyed genetics for the first time, and don’t feel as intimidated by it.”