Adult Medicine 2022: Your feedback

Thanks to the >200 trainees who completed our Adult Medicine course online in 2022.

We appreciate your feedback about the course!

Best of luck for your exam preparation and revision.


“Easy to follow explanations, and the speakers were all excellent!”

“The teachers were very passionate, which made what I previously thought to be a relatively boring topic interesting to listen to. This is the first time I’ve ever understood genetics properly! Will recommend this course to others going through the exam.”

“This is a very well run course that takes topics I have deliberately avoided due to difficulty understanding since med school (but have been forced to revisit due to the RACP exam) and explains them well.”

“Succinct, not too long, hits the main points, easy to follow.”

“The notes are excellent, the lecturers take their time to explain things and don’t rush through topics. So for someone like me, who had zero knowledge of genetics, I was able to follow it.”

“Great course, emphasised key topics, good quality lecture recordings”

“It was a really good overview of genetics. The lecturers were all very engaging”

“Great lectures, explaining everything step by step. I also loved that you could watch the lectures online at a later time – helps retain information much better!”

“The speakers were all great, and the course manual was very comprehensive”

“Excellent content, difficult concepts were made easy to understand. Liked the ability to watch at own pace. Good practice questions.”

“Clear information, enthusiastic presenters. Good volume of information/not too many lectures.”

“Easy to understand, really everything I needed to know.”

“Well organised topics that covered all the important stuff. Good practice questions. Thorough.”

“Well taught with simple explanations”

“Taught concepts really well, appropriate level of detail”

“Fantastic lectures and really polished content -> good mix between teaching underlying concepts and clinical applications”

“Good overview of the genetic conditions to be aware of. Good explanation of understanding pedigrees. Questions, worked examples and notes are excellent”

“Very helpful course, particularly with worked-through pedigrees and clinical applications.”

“All the presenters were excellent, and I loved the inclusion of the animations and Boney M!”

“Thanks so much for an excellent course! Each lecture was well delivered and explained concepts easily from the basics making the course very easy to follow and understand. It was also made very interesting and fun.”

“The lectures were succinct and to the point. Course material was well presented and easy to follow.”

“The course was well taught at an easy-to-understand level. I particularly liked the use of MCQs.”

“I really enjoyed the Imprinting section, mostly because it’s an elusive topic that I failed to understand despite personal study and I couldn’t believe that it made sense after that. But they all made lots of sense and I enjoyed them. It was nice to have adequate time to watch the lectures, because I could really take my time and not rush it/fit it into my schedule easily- thanks!”

“Amazing course! Very relevant, speakers are great and easy to understand!”

“A genetics course that condenses the core topics into an engaging and high yield day of learning”