Paediatrics 2022: Your feedback

Thanks to the >200 trainees who completed our Paediatrics course online in 2022.

We appreciate your feedback about the course!

Best of luck for your exam preparation and revision.


“Thorough and clear explanation of genetics, from the very beginning.”

“So useful – explained in a very understandable way. Able to learn everything I needed in a weekend for genetics.”

“The course was great. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues.”

“Lectures easy to follow, friendly and engaging lecturers.”

“Incredibly well structured course. Really enhanced my understanding of both the basic and complex aspects of genetics!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Concise and exam oriented, really helpful learning tool. Also all the lecturers were fantastic and entertaining in their own way. Thank you!”

“Great speakers, really comprehensive.”

“Very well curated lectures with excellent sound and pictures. Having the physical notes, and worked questions with explanations, was great.”

“Expert lecturers with a practical approach to the exam.”

“The exam manual having copies of the lecture slides with space to write notes was really helpful and made it easy to watch the lectures and follow along. The lecturers were all great and explained things in an easy to follow way.”

“High yield material delivered in a logical manner.”

“It gave me a very good foundation in genetics which allowed me to better understand the genetic syndromes I see at work and will need to know about in the exam.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was well organised and easy to follow along online. Having the manual was super helpful to work through questions and annotate notes. Thank you.”

“Great content, accessible, good number and length of lectures, online platform & written material very user friendly. Thank you for extending the access!”

“Good advice on which syndromes to learn about.”

“Lots of practice questions both in the manual and online during/after lectures which helped cement the material. Printed lecture notes were also very helpful – made paying attention and taking notes easier as the slides were provided.”

“It was pitched at the right level and everything was explained really well.”

“Engaging presenters. Difficult topics broken down into simple explanations. Key points emphasized, particularly for different syndromes.”

“Not only exam focused but also helpful for real life.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful course! Each lecture covered the topics very well, in a clear and succinct manner and very applicable to both exam and real life! You guys really managed to break down some tricky concepts that I have been struggling with, and helped me understand Genetics as a whole much better!”

“I liked how the course stepped through the genetic concepts first, started from the basics and didn’t assume knowledge. The lecturers were very engaging and really explained the concepts in the simplest/most understandable way possible.”

“Very clear, relevant for written exam, syndrome lectures particularly outstanding and focused on key points.”

“Excellent coverage of topics. Good tips specifically for the exam (and also real life!). Practice questions/exams really very helpful for consolidating knowledge. Also helpful to have paeds specific lectures and topics.”

“Really clear explanations, fantastic engaging lecturers, went at a great pace and reiterated important concepts well. Course was a manageable and appropriate length.”

“Clear, well paced lectures. Good overview of basic genetics concepts appropriate for exam level. Clinically relevant.”

“Somehow the presenters made genetics interesting and simple! The lectures were very professionally put together and easy to watch.”

“Really great course – clear explanations, adequate detail without being too much. Practice exam very helpful.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Detailed, well explained, great teachers and very helpful printed course book. I will definitely be recommending it to colleagues.”

“The course delivers complex information in a simple and easy to understand way. I have completed the course feeling much more confident in my genetics knowledge. Thank you!”

“Well thought out course. Learnt lots, good relevance for the RACP exam. Great syndromes run through. Overall excellent and enjoyable.”

“Great course – thank you for all the effort put into it. Excellent course material which arrived in NZ in plenty of time. I thought the course was value for money, and greatly appreciated the additional time made available to access the videos.”

“I felt like I actually learned stuff that is useful both for the exam and for my clinical practice. Thank you.”