Paediatrics 2018: Your feedback

Thanks to the 200+ trainees who attended our September paediatrics course. We appreciate your end-of-course feedback:

“An excellent and really helpful course”
“More than you would learn from books”
“Exam focused but clinically relevant”
“Great course, I learnt alot”
“Amazing lecturers, very engaging”
“Excellent breadth and depth of content”
“Comprehensive, clear and succinct”
“Good pace, good notes. Thanks”
“Presenters who know the exam”
“Made it all seem much easier”
“Great breakdown of complex topics”
“Really well run, fantastic speakers”
“Thorough with good study resources”
“Well organised and structured teaching”
“Good amount of information without overloading”
“It made genetics very accessible and easy to understand”
“The practice exam was really good”
“Fantastic lecturers and great notes, thanks!”