Adult Medicine 2019: Your feedback

Thanks to the 200+ trainees who attended our 2019 physicians course. We appreciate your feedback:

“Very well organized with excellent course materials”
“Fantastic course, would recommend for BPTs”
“Helpful exam focused teaching”
“Good explanations of difficult concepts”
“Excellent presenters”
“Genetics explained simply”
“Excellent course notes”
“Good summaries at the end”
“Presented in a way I can understand and remember”
“Great notes to take home”
“Liked how key concepts were repeated”
“Perfect length, perfect amount of information”
“Good pace, informative, good explanations”
“Interactive and engaging”
“Good worked example questions”
“Would definitely recommend”
“Presenters were very engaging”
“Comprehensive coverage of examinable material”
“Very good slides with excellent lecturers, thank you”
“Very well organised, great venue”
“Good amount of detail”
“Great focus on exam questions”
“Practice exam was very worthwhile”
“Notes are great”
“Made a challenging topic understandable”