Paediatrics 2019: Your feedback

Thanks to the >200 paediatric trainees who attended our 2019 course. We appreciate your feedback:

“Thank you, the course was great”
“Really learnt alot, very worthwhile”
“Presented in a way that was easy to understand”
“Very engaging lecturers and good practice exam”
“Well paced, clear and informative”
“Hard concepts explained in a logical way”
“Relevant for the exam and clinical practice”
“Clear and concise”
“Excellent, easy to follow, relevant”
“Topics are very well explained”
“Lots of helpful tips for the exam”
“Tackles a challenging topic in an accessible way”
“Focused on key things to remember”
“Good knowledge and skills for the exam”
“All the lecturers were excellent”
“Really helped the syndromes to stick”
“Well structured and good clear explanations”
“Good course, would definitely recommend”